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If you have a combination of technical and customer services skills and enjoy helping people, a career as a dispensing optician could be for you As a dispensing optician you will dispense and fit spectacles and other optical aids, to both adults and children, working from the prescriptions written by optometrists and ophthalmologists.


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  • an aptitude for science and maths;
  • the ability to handle ophthalmic instruments;
  • a strong commitment to customer care and confidence in dealing with people;
  • communication skills to give clear advice to customers;
  • sales skills and the ability to inspire customer loyalty;
  • commercial awareness;
  • teamworking skills;
  • manual dexterity and attention to detail.
  • interpret optical prescriptions written by optometrists or ophthalmologists;
  • give advice to patients on lens type, frames and styling;
  • with further training, fit contact lenses and give advice on their care and use;
  • take frame and facial measurements to ensure correct fit and positioning;
  • advise partially sighted patients on the use of low vision aids;
  • advise patients when adjustments or repairs to spectacles are needed;
  • select, manage and order a range of optical products;

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