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Your neighborhood Doctor of Optometry offers comprehensive, state of the art eye care with a personal touch and latest Zeiss technology

Optomap Imaging

Optos Retinal Imaging

optomap non-mydriatic, ultra-widefield technology delivers detailed 200º high resolution images in less than half a second. This technology can image pathology past the vortex vessels, helping your Optometrist  find disease sooner and manage and treat it more effectively.

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The Independent Doctor of Optometry go above and beyond to show how much we care: from educating you about your eyes and advanced care options, .

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Annual eye exams allow your doctor to detect changes of your eyes so alterations can be made to your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.

Early Detection.

Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration or retina detachment, et al,  if detected early, can be treated successfully without total vision loss. 


Your doctor will also check your eye muscle balance to make sure your two eyes work together as a team.