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Oakley Dealer In Fremont CA

View Optical We are honored to carry for all our patients the widest selection, yet the top of the line Oakley Sunglasses, and Optical glasses. We are glad to announce that View Optical is NOW an Authorized dealer for Oakley, which means you carry most fashionable Oakley frames.

4079 Mowry Ave Fremont, CA 94538 (510)793-8997

The Clarity Test measures the sharpness of images viewed through the lens. The Refractive Power Test measures how inferior lenses distort vision by magnifying images, and the Prism Test measures how the lenses bend light and make objects appear shifted from their true position. These tests show how conventional lenses can compromise your vision 

Glare Protection with Uncompromised Clarity


A headache from glare can ruin your day. Golfers have to deal with the performance-killing distraction of glare from water hazards, bunkers and flat areas. Fishing sessions can be futile when blinding rays bounce off water and hide the keepers. Driving in glare can be risky, and road cyclists know how glare can hide potholes and other dangers. Any skier or snowboarder can tell you how glare distracts, diminishes mental focus and drains energy with tension. We developed HDPolarized lenses for elite athletes but our technology serves everyone. Because glare doesn’t care if you’re a sport champion, weekend warrior or just someone who enjoys the sun.

View Optical Eyeglasses store, and Contact lenses in Fremont, CA. View Optical offers one-hour service for most eyeglasses by using the latest lenses technology on the market. Specializing in prescription sunglasses, View Optical carries fashionable brands such as Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Dior, Oakley and more. All types of insurance are accepted.